What is this page?

This is the home of official certification and training provided by Ignition.

Join us for continued learning in a self paced educational environment that empowers you to evolve and improve your business.

How do I get certified?

Once you register for the Ignition Certification Program (free), you will have to complete all lessons and modules. 

Upon confirmation of the final lesson, your certification will automatically be sent to you and shortly after, we will email you with your certification badge to use wherever you like! We suggest attaching it to your email signature and LinkedIn profile. The certificate and badge will be available immediately.

Is there a time limit to completing courses?

No. The courses are all designed to be taken at your own pace. You'll be able to track your progress meaning you can come and go as you please.

Can I do the courses in any order?

Unless specified, feel free to enroll in the courses in any order. If you're new to Ignition, we suggest you start with the Ignition Certification Program to get a certified understanding of Ignition.

Otherwise, feel free to explore at your own pace!

Will I earn CPD/CPE credits?

Yes, most courses are eligible for a certain number of hours of verifiable Continuous Professional Development in Australia, Canada, United States* and the United Kingdom. 

The course will specify CPD point availability for each country on the outline pages.

*Please note, not all courses are eligible for CPD points for US students. If the course is eligible, US students will receive CPD credits at the end of the month that they complete this course.